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Faculty Profiles

Associate Professor Adrian Aguilera's current research interests focus on utilizing digital health and mobile technologies to improve health and mental healthcare of low-income and ethnic minority populations, with a focus on Latino and Spanish speaking populations. 

Professor of the Graduate School Michael J. Austin is a leading contributor to the field of social service management. He has taught in the areas of theory for practice and the management of program implementation. His work focuses on nonprofit and public sector management, organizational change and policy implementation.

Assistant Professor Yu-Ling Chang's scholarly interests focus on the relationships among poverty, inequality and social safety net programs. Her research addresses both the process of policy making and the consequences of public policies for economically disadvantaged populations.

Hutto-Patterson Charitable Foundation Professor Julian Chun-Chung Chow's research focuses on community practice and service delivery in urban poverty and ethnic and immigrant neighborhoods; community analysis and needs assessment; program planning and development; and cultural competency services.

Zellerbach Family Foundation Professor Jill Duerr Berrick is an expert in the fields of child poverty, welfare and foster care. She is the co-director of the Center for Child and Youth Policy.

Dean and Specht Chair in Publicly Supported Social Services Jeffrey L. Edleson is a leading expert in domestic violence. His current research examines the impact of adult violence on children and how social systems respond to these children.

Professor of the Graduate School Eileen Gambrill's research interests include professional ethics and education; evidence-based practice; professional decision making; social learning theory; behavioral methods; evaluation of practice; and social skills training.

Milton and Gertrude Chernin Professor Neil Gilbert is the co-director of the Center for Child and Youth Policy, director of the Center for Comparative Family Welfare and Poverty Research and the founding director of the Family Welfare Research Group.

Anu Manchikanti Gómez ​is assistant professor at the School of Social Welfare and director of the Sexual Health and Reproductive Equity (SHARE) Program. A health equity researcher, her work focuses on reproduction and sexuality throughout the life course.

UC Berkeley Professor of Psychology Stephen Hinshaw is an affiliated faculty member of Berkeley Social Welfare.

Assistant Professor Erin M. Kerrison's work extends from a legal epidemiological framework, wherein law and legal institutions operate as social determinants of health.

CITRIS Health Initiative Director David Lindeman is an affiliated faculty member of Berkeley Social Welfare.

Professor of the Graduate School and Berkeley Social Welfare Professor Emerita Mary Ann Mason served as the first woman dean of the UC Berkeley Graduate Division at UC Berkeley from from 2000 to 2007.

Professor of the Graduate School James Midgley is an authority in the fields of international social work and social work and social policy in the developing world. His research interests include international social work, social development and social policy.

Haas Distinguished Chair and Professor of Bioethics Osagie K. Obasogie is an affiliated faculty member of Berkeley Social Welfare.


Professor Kurt Organista's research focuses on psychosocial problems within the Chicano and Latino communities, acculturation and adjustment of ethnic minorities to American societies, minority mental health, cognitive behavioral therapy, depression in Latinos and HIV prevention with Mexican migrant laborers/Latinos.

UC Berkeley School of Public Health Professor of Community Health and Human Development Emily J. Ozer is an affiliated faculty member of Berkeley Social Welfare.

Assistant Professor Tina Sacks' research focuses on racial disparities in health; social determinants of health; race, class and gender; and poverty and inequality.

Professor of the Graduate School Andrew Scharlach's research examines innovative social and community supports designed to promote healthy aging.

Professor of the Graduate School Steven P. Segal's research interests include mental health and social policy, research methods, adult residential care, self-help mental health services, violence and mental illness.

Associate Professor Valerie Shapiro's research is in the prevention of mental, emotional, and behavioral problems in children and youth through the adoption, implementation, and sustainability of effective prevention practices. Her scholarship focuses on how to (1) set the stage for communities to adopt and sustain a science-based approach to prevention, (2) implement programs successfully, and (3) assess youth outcomes in routine practice.

Mack Distinguished Professor Jennifer Skeem's research focuses on the intersection between behavioral science and the justice system—with the goal of informing effective decision-making about people at risk for emotional and behavioral problems.  See Risk-Resilience Research.  

Associate Professor Paul R. Sterzing’s research focuses on the social problems of polyvictimization, bullying victimization, microaggressions and the interconnections between familial and extrafamilial forms of victimizaton among sexual and gender minority youth and other vulnerable adolescent populations.

Catherine Mary and Eileen Clare Hutto Professor of Social Services in Public Education Susan Stone is a leading authority on social work in education and its impact on the academic progress of vulnerable youth in schools.