Bart Grossman

Job title: 
Emeritus Practica Director

Bart Grossman is practica director emeritus at the School of Social Welfare. An expert in social work and practica education, Grossman’s research interests also include child welfare and human service organizations.

Expanded Publications

Grossman, B. & McCormick, K. (2003). "Preparing Social Work Students for Interdisciplinary Practice: Learnings from a Curriculum Development Project." Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment, 7(1/2), 97-115.

Grossman, B. & Drabble, L. (1999 March/April). What Addiction Professionals Need To Know About Welfare Reform and Child Welfare, Prevention Pipeline Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, Department of Health and Human Services.

Grossman, B. & Perry, R. (1997). Reengaging Social Work Education With The Public Social Services: The California Experience and Its Relevance To Russia, In Shardlow and Doel, Social Work In A Changing World, Hampshire, England, Ashgate Publishing.

Grossman, B., Schneck, D. & Glassman, U. (1991). Field Education In Social Work: Contemporary Issues and Trends, Kendall-Hunt.