Emily Ozer


UC Berkeley School of Public Health Professor of Community Health and Human Development&nbsp;<strong>Emily J. Ozer</strong>is an affiliated faculty member of Berkeley Social Welfare.</p>
<p>Professor Ozer teaches graduate courses in behavioral science theory, mental health, community interventions and program evaluation. Her research interests include school-based health promotion and prevention programs, post-traumatic stress disorder and community-based participatory research. She is particularly interested in how the school and classroom contexts in which prevention programs are implemented affect outcomes. Her current research involves a multi-method study of the impact of an empowerment-oriented participatory research intervention on adolescents attending San Francisco public schools.</p>
<p>In her work, Professor Ozer seeks to bridge collaborative-participatory approaches to conducting interventions with traditional scientific designs by testing the impact of intentional variation in collaborative processes.</p>



(510) 642-1723
2121 Berkeley Way #5130