Stephen Hinshaw


UC Berkeley Professor of Psychology Stephen Hinshaw is an affiliated faculty member of Berkeley Social Welfare.

Professor Hinshaw's interests lie in the fields of clinical child and adolescent psychology and developmental psychopathology. Major themes include the diagnostic validity of childhood disorders, the role of family and peer relationships in normal and atypical development, the early prediction of behavioral and learning problems, the neuropsychology and neurobiology of impulsive and externalizing behavior, expressions of psychopathology in female samples and the implementation of combinations of psychosocial and pharmacologic intervention for children with externalizing behavior disorders, with strong emphasis on moderators and mediators of outcome.

Increasingly, his research interests are focusing on adolescent and young adult outcomes, as the youth in his various projects continue to participate in prospective, longitudinal studies. An additional area of focus is the stigmatization of mental illness, with interest in a variety of related topics (e.g., interpersonal manifestations of stigma, implicit attitudes, developmental processes, media influences, dehumanization, international efforts to combat stigma.

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