Jewelle Taylor Gibbs

Job title: 
Emerita Professor

Jewelle Taylor Gibbs is professor emerita at the School of Social Welfare as well as a clinical psychologist and noted writer. She is the author of Preserving Privilege: California Politics, Propositions, and People of Color (2001), and her research interests include adolescent psychosocial problems, minority mental health, juvenile justice issues, biracial and bicultural identity issues, and urban social policy.

After graduating from Berkeley Social Welfare's MSW program in 1970, Dr. Taylor Gibbs served as a clinical social worker at Stanford University before returning to Berkeley to earn her  PhD in psychology. She first started teaching at the School in 1979, eventually becoming the Zellerbach Family Fund Professor of Social Policy, Community Change and Practice, making her the first African American professor appointed to an endowed chair in the University of California system.


Research / Expertise

  • Adolescent Psychosocial Problems
  • Minority Mental Health
  • juvenile justice issues
  • Biracial and Bicultural Identity Issues
  • Urban Social Policy

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