Leonard Miller

Job title: 
Emeritus Professor

Leonard Miller is professor emeritus at the School of Social Welfare. An expert on economics and its relation to social work, Miller’s research seeks to integrate economic theory and quantitative methods to estimate the efficacy of social service and health delivery systems. Miller’s research interests include development, public finance, education and econometrics.

Expanded Publications

Miller, S. (2011). Creating efficiency in social services.

Miller, L.S. & Pruger, R. (1991). Efficiency and The Social Services: Part A and Part B, Administration In Social Work, 15 (1&2):5-44.

Miller, L.S., Rice, S., Kelman, S. & Dunmeyer, S. (1990). The Economic Costs Of Alcohol and Drug Abuse and Mental Illness: 1985, Office of Financing and Coverage Administration, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Miller, L.S. (with MSSP evaluation staff), (1984). The Comparative Evaluation Of The Multipurpose Senior Services Staff Project, University of California Extension, Berkeley.

Miller, L.S. Evaluation of the Economic Impact of California's Tobacco Control Program: A Dynamic Model Approach