Michael J. Austin


Professor of the Graduate School MICHAEL J. AUSTIN served as the director of the Mack Center on Nonprofit and Public Sector Management in the Human Services and as editor of Human Service Organizations. He is also the former dean of the School of Social Work at the University of Pennsylvania and has taught at Florida State University and the University of Washington, where he chaired the macro practice specializations.

As a leading contributor to the field of human services management, Dr. Austin has taught in the areas of theory for practice and the management of program implementation. His work focuses on nonprofit and public sector management, organizational change and policy implementation.

In addition to consulting with human service organizations nationally and internationally, Dr. Austin is the author and co-author of 20 books as well as 140 articles and 40 chapters and technical reports on the subject of human service management.

Research / Expertise

  • Strategic Planning
  • Social Service Management
  • Organizational Development

Awards / Honors

Chauncey Alexander Lifetime Achievement Award, Network of Social Work Management, June 2016

Fellow, American Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare, January 2016

Lifetime Career Achievement Award, Association of Community Organization and Administration, Council on Social Work Education, New York, February 2005

Slavin-Patti Award for Best Article, 2010: (with Benton, A.). Managing Nonprofit Mergers: The Challenges Facing Human Service Organizations. Administration in Social Work. 34 (4), 2010

Expanded Publications

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Research interests: 
  • Strategic Planning
  • Social Service Management
  • Organizational Development