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Center for Prevention Research in Social Welfare: Kevin Macpherson

Graduate Students

Kevin Macpherson

Kevin Macpherson
Doctoral student, University of California, Berkeley

Kevin Macpherson is a 2nd year PhD student in the joint program between UC Berkeley and San Francisco State University. He is also working as a Program Specialist with KIPP Bay Area schools, supporting high school special education programs.

Broadly, he is interested in the relationship of personal qualities/ non-cognitive skills on student outcomes, specifically students in special education in low-income contexts, that are often underrepresented in the research field. More specifically, Kevin is interested in constructs such as self-regulation, self-efficacy, grit, motivation, and purpose and their impact on student literacy, achievement and transition. Kevin is also interested in exploring how to best implement social-emotional learning or soft-skills curriculum into practice, and the adaptations that are made at the school or practitioner level.