Registration and Enrollment Requirements

Registration Requirements

All new and continuing students must be officially registered to access campus services, facilities, or faculty time. To be considered officially registered for the semester you must:

  1. have enrolled in at least one course;
  2. have paid either full fees or at least 20 percent of assessed registration fees; and
  3. have no registration blocks or other advisor holds that prevent you from enrolling in classes.

Becoming fully registered is a two-step process: you must 1) enroll in classes; and then 2) pay registration fees. Both actions are completed in CalCentral.

Enrollment Rules for Doctoral Students

All doctoral students are responsible for ensuring they are enrolled correctly (appropriate courses and course sections, correct number of units, etc.); and that they are completing semester by semester the courses and activities needed for normal progress towards the doctoral degree

Minimum Unit Enrollment Requirement

The minimum enrollment requirement for all graduate students who are not yet advanced to doctoral candidacy, including those holding academic appointments, is 12 units per semester. No more than four units per term may be earned by working as a graduate student researcher or graduate student instructor. Full-time status is also required to meet residency requirements, and to be eligible for financial aid.

Enrollment Deadlines

Students must register no later than the Friday of the third week of instruction (fourth week of the semester), and are responsible for paying fees by August 15 for the fall semester and January 15 for the spring semester. All course enrollments MUST be completed by the end of the 3rd week of instruction each semester. For specific dates and other important deadlines each semester, please see the Academic Calendar.