Center for Prevention Research in Social Welfare

Over the last three decades, findings from prevention research have helped scholars understand how to prevent many significant social problems by intervening with the risk and protective factors that precede them. In order for such research to change the prevalence of social problems in society, we need to understand how to deliver preventive interventions in various service settings, to vulnerable populations, and with a well-trained workforce for prevention services. Social work has a long history of leadership in prevention work and is well positioned to respond to these contemporary needs.

The Center intends to serve as intellectual home for researchers intending to intersect the aims of prevention science with the mission and opportunities of the social work profession.

CPRSW projects, contributions, and personnel development funded by:

    • Child Intervention, Prevention & Services Institute (PI: Ryan; 2R25 MH068367) 
    • Community Youth Development Study (PI: Hawkins; 2R01 DA015183)
    • Devereux Center for Resilient Children
    • Dovetail Learning
    • Hellman Foundation
    • National Institute of Justice (PI: Sterzing; 2013-IJ-CX-0029)
    • Penn State Summer Institute on Innovative Methods (PI: Lanza; R13 DA020334)
    • Prytanean Faculty Prize
    • Regents Junior Faculty Fellowship
    • Society for Social Work & Research (SSWR) Fellowship
    • Stuart Foundation
    • UC Berkeley School of Social Welfare
    • UC Berkeley Graduate Division
    • UC Berkeley Faculty Research Fund