Qualifying Exam Eligibility

Qualifying Exam Eligibility is the fourth academic milestone, following successful completion of the Qualifying Paper. After the Qualifying Paper has been satisfactorily completed, the student must take the following next steps toward eligibility for the Qualifying Examination:

  1. Form a Qualifying Examination Committee;
  2. Declare two Fields of Expertise to be examined on by the Qualifying Examination committee; and,
  3. Complete a Dissertation Prospectus.

To be eligible for applying to take the Qualifying Exam, you must meet all the following eligibility requirements:

  1. Be registered and enrolled for the semester in which the exam is taken or, if it is taken during the winter or summer intersessions, registered in either the preceding or the following semester (the exam may be taken up to the last day before the beginning of the next term, pending faculty availability);
  2. Complete all coursework required for the Social Welfare PhD degree;
  3. Have at least a B average in all work undertaken in graduate standing, and have no more than one grade of ‘Incomplete’ on your academic record;
  4. Satisfactorily complete the Qualifying Paper;
  5. Formulate a QE Committee of Academic Senate faculty members eligible to serve on higher degree committees;
  6. Have written approval of your declared Fields of Expertise by the end of semester prior to the QE; and,
  7. Submit a Dissertation Prospectus at least six weeks in advance of the proposed QE date.