Dissertation Prospectus

The Dissertation Prospectus, required for eligibility to take the Qualifying Exam, is the fifth academic milestone. Doctoral students must complete a Dissertation Prospectus well in advance of taking the Qualifying Examination. The deadline for submitting a Dissertation Chair-approved Dissertation Prospectus (before needing to reschedule the Qualifying Exam for a future semester) is four weeks prior to the scheduled QE date.

The prospectus must summarize the relevant literature, describe the issue or problem to be addressed (with clear study aims), and focus on the plan of research, including the proposed methodology, data sources, and/or analyses to be used, and a tentative timeline for project completion.

After the Dissertation Prospectus has been approved by the Dissertation Chair, the signed approval form and Dissertation Prospectus must be circulated to the QE Committee with the GSAO copied.

Dissertation Prospectus Chair Approval Form