Advising for Doctoral Students

2021-22 Doctoral Program Advising Contacts

Role Name Email  Office 
Doctoral Program Chair Adrian Aguilera HAVI 205
Faculty Adviser for GSI Affairs Susan Stone HAVI 221
Faculty Equity Adviser Anu Gomez  HAVI 305
GSAO - Admissions
GSAO - Doctoral Programs Adriana Llaurado  HAVI 109
Head Graduate Adviser Susan Stone HAVI 221

Faculty Advisers

When you are admitted to the program, you are initially assigned a faculty adviser whose interests correspond closely with the interests you expressed in your application materials. Your faculty adviser's roles and responsibilities include:

  • assisting you with academic matters (e.g., selecting courses, fields of study for the Qualifying Exam, and faculty who will serve on your committee);
  • supervising your Qualifying Paper;
  • serving as a member of your Qualifying Exam and Dissertation Committees;
  • assistance with locating opportunities for professional development (e.g., conference presentations and publishing) and funding (e.g., grant support); and, 
  • providing guidance on your job search.

As you become acquainted with the faculty and your program of study takes shape, you may find that a faculty member other than your assigned adviser is best able to contribute to perform these duties. At the end of your first year or thereafter, you may recruit a faculty adviser that is better suited to your needs. Once you are advanced to candidacy, the chair of your dissertation committee serves as your faculty adviser.

For faculty contact information and office locations please visit our Faculty page.

Faculty Adviser for Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) Affairs

The Faculty Adviser for GSI Affairs functions as a liaison among and between the Graduate Division, program faculty, and GSIs. The Faculty Adviser for GSI Affairs provides information concerning policies relating to GSIs to faculty and GSIs in the program; and raises issues on their behalf with the administration.

Faculty Equity Adviser

The Equity Adviser consults with the Head Graduate Adviser and the other Graduate Advisers in the program to ensure that diversity is taken into account in the recruitment, selection, and retention of graduate students.

The Head Graduate Adviser

The Head Graduate Adviser is a tenured member of the Academic Senate faculty, appointed by the dean of the Graduate Division each academic year, on behalf of the Graduate Council. The Head Graduate Adviser is an official deputy of the Dean of the Graduate Division in matters affecting graduate students. Only the Head Graduate Adviser can sign documents or make requests to the Graduate Division on matters concerning graduate enrollment, degrees, academic progress, or financial aid, such as admission, readmission, change or addition of major, or graduate standing. Signature authority for routine administrative matters in the School of Social Welfare is delegated to the Assistant Dean for Admissions and Student Services and designated Graduate Student Affairs Officers (GSAOs).

Graduate Student Affairs Officer (GSAO)

The Graduate Student Affairs Officer (GSAO) is the professional program staff member responsible for liaising with the Graduate Division on behalf of the School, and for providing academic and procedural advising on degree requirements and progress; course enrollment; petitions; doctoral funding and fellowships; and overall School, Graduate Division, and University policies and procedures. The GSAO for Doctoral Programs (Phd and Combined MSW/PhD students) is part of the Student Services and Admissions Office located in 101 Haviland Hall.