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CalHOPE Student Support

CalHOPE Student Support is a multi-stakeholder, partnered initiative – between sectors, across regions, and between system levels, intended to help California educators since 2021 in the unprecedented task of bringing children back into and improving the normative routines of learning and development by strengthening capacity for Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) implementation statewide. 

The CalHOPE Student Support is led by the Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) with the University of California, Berkeley, who partnered with 55 additional county offices of education (COEs). Together, they collaborate with 27,000 administrators and 30,000 pupil services personnel, supporting over 300,000 teachers, serving over six million school students in public schools statewide. CalHOPE Student Support is made possible by the California Department of Health Care Services.

‘We will build together’: Sowing the seeds of SEL statewide was recently published in Social and Emotional Learning: Research, Practice, and Policy.

The CalHOPE Student Support Partnership between UC Berkeley and the Sacramento County Office of Education recently won the 2023-2024 Campus-Community Partnership Award, one of the annual UC Berkeley Chancellor's Awards for Public Service


The Berkeley Assessment of Social and Emotional Learning (BASEL; © Regents of the University of California) is a formative assessment tool that can be administered to students, teachers, and leaders to guide SEL implementation for equity and wellbeing. 

The BASEL (pronounced: basil) includes brief surveys that can be used for immediate action and transformative change. It can be administered in conjunction with Kelvin’s survey platform(link is external), free to all local education agencies in California through June 2025.

Survey dimensions include:

  • Emotional well-being 

  • Resources for coping

  • Experiences of safety and connection

  • Opportunities for student voice and leadership 

  • Experiences with culturally and linguistically responsive environments

  • Levers of system transformation, such as structures and routines of SEL implementation (available for teachers and leaders)

With this tool, we work with County Offices of Education, schools districts, and individual schools who are interested in using data to explore school experiences, understand individual and collective strengths, and identify areas for growth.

Recently, we partnered with spotlight schools in the Sacramento City Unified School District to use the BASEL for transformative change.

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