Getting Started

Getting Onboard in CalCentral

CalCentral is Berkeley’s online academic and student services portal. Upon accepting an offer of admission, new students are provided with instructions for establishing a CalNet ID and a CalCentral account.

Your CalNet ID is your online identity at UC Berkeley. It is used for system access log-ins and authentication, and it will be your campus email address when combined with After you claim your CalNet ID, you will be able to create your bConnected account.

You manage all crucial student information through the easy-to-use, mobile-friendly single point-of-entry, including: admissions, financial aid, registration, enrollment, course management, advising, billing and payment, and records. You can also check your campus email, calendar, ongoing academic progress, financial aid, bCourses, and more. It is your responsibility to monitor your CalCentral student account regularly, and respond in a timely manner to any alerts or messages requesting that you take action.

CalCentral Resources

CalCentral Information
Useful information on advising, billing, enrollment, financial aid, and records within CalCentral

Enrollment FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions about the enrollment process in CalCentral

Graduate Academic Progress Report
How graduate students view an Academic Progress Report (APR)

Viewing Grades in CalCentral

Getting bConnected

bConnected is Berkeley’s suite of collaboration tools, including Google Apps for Education: bMail for email and Google Groups email lists; bCal for calendaring; and bDrive for online file storage. To establish your bConnected account and email address, visit the bConnected website and follow the instructions to “claim your bConnected Google account.”

All students are required to establish and maintain a bConnected account, which includes your email address. You are responsible for keeping your Berkeley email address current, and for regularly monitoring your email for official communications from the University. You are also responsible for all communications sent to and from your address, and for data stored in your bConnected account.

Getting Your Cal 1 Card

Your Cal 1 Card is your official UC Berkeley photo identification card. All current students are require to obtain a Cal 1 Card. Your Cal 1 Card is also used to access campus services and benefits, including library services, University Health Services, rides on AC Transit buses, key-card entry to residence halls and other campus facilities, and at all Cal Dining locations. Your Cal 1 Card may also be used as a debit account (free, with no minimum balances or overdraft fee), and for printing in computer labs and libraries on campus.

New graduate students in Social Welfare must visit the Cal 1 Card office in person to receive a Cal 1 Card. The office is located in 212 Sproul Hall; office hours are Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Doctoral Student Office Space

Room 13 in Haviland Hall is the designated Doctoral Student Office. Work space is available for general use on a first-come, first served basis. Lockable file cabinets are available. Doctoral students are assigned keys at the PhD Orientation. Keys must be returned when you graduate, or if you take a leave from the university before graduation.

Room 303 is used by current Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs) for holding office hours and course preparation only. No individual desks are assigned and a sign-up sheet is posted at the beginning of each semester.

For students who need a private space to conduct in-person or telephone interviews as data collection for doctoral dissertations, a room is available on a first-come, first-served basis every semester. Students may request access to the office space by contacting the Receptionist.

See About Haviland Hall for more information, including Haviland Hall building hours, safety procedures, and room usage rules.

Business Cards

Doctoral students may place orders for and purchase official campus business cards directly through the UC Print Storefront. A valid CalNet ID and email address are required. UC Berkeley University Relations also requires all student business cards be approved by the Social Welfare Administrator. This is to ensure the information is correct for the department.

How to Order Business Cards

  1. Go online to the UC Print Storefront.
  2. In the drop-down menus, for affiliation select “UC Berkeley” and for identity select “UC Berkeley Students.” Then click the Enter button.
  3. Click link and button for Order Business Cards.
  4. Complete all required fields in the Contact Information and Supervisor Contact Information windows. For supervisor contact enter: Lorretta Morales;; (510) 643-6670
  5. Enter the data for the business card. Per University Relations regulations business cards can only be printed with a no address option or a department address. NO HOME ADDRESSES WILL BE PRINTED.
  6. Once you submit the order, it is forwarded to the department "supervisor" listed on your order for review and approval. You will receive a communication from the UC Print Storefront asking for your payment details when the order is ready to go into production.