3.4 Required Coursework and Field Experience

Social Welfare MSW students attain professional competency by completing required courses and field experience in both generalist and specialized social work practice; diversity-sensitive and competent social work; and social research methods. Students also complete additional, professionally-relevant elective courses needed to reach the minimum unit requirement for the degree or satisfy additional requirements for special program options, such as a graduate certificate or credential program.

All students are required to complete the MSW curriculum in a specified order, progressing from the generalist practice curriculum to a specialized curriculum in the student’s chosen area of specialized practice. Prerequisite requirements and enrollment controls are in place to ensure students complete their graduate professional degree requirements in its prescribed sequence.

For current course descriptions and class schedules please visit the Berkeley Academic Guide to Social Welfare.

Limitations on Credit

  1. No social work course or field credit towards the MSW degree is granted for life experience or previous work experience, without exception. 
  2. Units for grades below C- may not be counted toward degree requirements.
  3. Units from a course graded Unsatisfactory [U] may not be counted toward fulfillment of students’ degree programs. Failure to achieve a Satisfactory [S] grade in field placement will lead to dismissal from the MSW Program.
  4. Social Welfare MSW students are subject to Graduate Council policies governing
    1. Unit Credit for the Master’s Degree
    2. Master’s Time in Candidacy
    3. Time Limits on the Use of Courses for Degrees.