Section 5: Academic and Professional Standards for Social Welfare MSW Students

Academic and Professional Standards for the Social Welfare MSW Program set forth the responsibilities and essential performance expectations of all Berkeley MSW students. These policies and procedures are guided by regulations pertaining to accredited MSW programs, graduate study at Berkeley, and the professional practice of social work. In these contexts student professional performance expectations and standards apply to all aspects of the MSW Program.

Berkeley MSW students are regularly assessed throughout the course of their graduate study on progress toward achieving the social work core competencies established by the faculty for the MSW Program. Berkeley MSW Program policies and procedures for departmental review of student progress align with the Berkeley Graduate Division Policy on Program Review of Student Progress.

All Berkeley Social Welfare graduate students are required to maintain the highest standards of academic integrity, and adhere to the campus standards of academic conduct as specified in the Berkeley Campus Code of Student Conduct. Students are expected to fully participate in the learning process; to carry out, to the best of their ability, their academic responsibilities; and to complete their coursework and field education obligations fully and honestly.