3.4c Additional MSW Curriculum Requirements

Diversity-Sensitive Social Work

All Social Welfare MSW students must complete an approved course in diversity-sensitive social work, valued at 2 units or higher. Options for satisfying this requirement are:

  • SOC WEL 275: Anti-Oppressive Social Work
  • An an approved alternative course in SOC WEL
  • An approved alternative course in another department that is at least 2 units.

 For a full list of approved courses that satisfy this requirement, please see the MSW Diversity Courses and Elective Courses Lists.


Social Welfare MSW students typically complete two to five courses in professionally relevant elective courses needed to reach the total minimum units required for the degree; or required for additional special program options (certificates, etc.). Since the number of required courses varies according to chosen area(s) of specialized practice, the total number of elective units required in each area will also vary.

Elective courses include Social Welfare courses not used to fulfill other degree or specialization area requirements, as well as courses taken in other campus departments from the list of Approved Outside (Non-Social Welfare) Elective Courses or the list of Approved Diversity Courses.