Purchasing Services: Self-Service


Any supplier doing business with the UC must be set up as a vendor in the campus Vendoring system. If the supplier has done business with the UC previously, they should already be in the system. If this is the supplier’s first time doing business with the UC, they must complete and submit the UC Berkeley Subsitute W-9 form. The form must be submitted via fax to the number at the top of the form.

Purchasing Services

If the vendor uses their SSN as their federal tax ID number, they are considered an Independent Contractor.  Please complete the following steps:

Step 1: Required Documentation

The following documentation must be submitted to and approved by Campus Shared Services prior to any services being rendered:

PI Completes:

Vendor completes:

NOTE: Please be sure to submit all documentation to Front Desk (or Mavis Njoo-Lau for CalSWEC) before work is set to begin.

(If you are submitting the request after work has begun/completed, please refer to the After the Fact section below.)

Step 2: Submit Purchase Request in BearBuy

  • Complete the Service Order Request in BearBuy. (See "After-the-Fact" section below if service has already begun.)
  • Attach all required documents.
  • Add the completed form to your cart.
  • Click "View Cart Details."
  • Include a valid chart string under "Account Codes."
  • Write a clear business description in the "Comments" tab.
  • ASSIGN the cart to Melissa Portal. (CalSWEC assign to Mavis Njoo-Lau)


Once the PO has been approved and the supplier has begun work, they can begin invoicing for the work. Suppliers should note the PO# on the invoice. Most suppliers send invoices directly to the requester. Submit invoice to swdesk@berkeley.edu or swdesk mailbox in 120 Haviland and we will submit it to Disbursements for payment.

After-the-Fact Payment Requests

If you are submitting a request AFTER services have already begun or been completed, then an After the Fact Justification must be provided along with the rest of the required documentation, whether the services are provided by a company or Independent Contractor.

The Dean's exceptional authorization is required for all After-the-Fact purchases, in addition to the normally required documentation.

After-the-fact requests should be a rare and exceptional occurrence.

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