Purchasing Services

Please contact Front Desk with any questions related to the procurement of services by companies or individuals. Please allow at least 20 working days between submission of complete documentation and start of work, in order to allow for review and approval by Campus Shared Services. 

NOTE: You cannot purchase services with your credit card. This might have slipped by in the past, but the University is ABSOLUTELY rejecting these now regardless of dollar amount. If you purchase a service without an advanced Purchase Order, you will likely end up footing the bill, because you are no longer allowed to ask to be reimbursed for services. 

Unless you have delegated authority, you MAY NOT sign purchasing or other agreements. Only campus contracting officers with specific delegated authority to negotiate and execute (sign) contracts on behalf of The Regents of the University California.

Independent Consultant Defined: An individual or entity that provides organizational analysis and advice related to UC administration or management, and the UC does not control either the results of the service or the manner of performance.  Examples of Independent Consultant services: Organizational assessment or design; Work process improvement; Strategy planning and implementation

Consult with your Buyer for any consulting projects over $99,999.99 as the project may require competition by law.


Any supplier doing business with the UC must be set up as a vendor in the campus Vendoring system. If the supplier has done business with the UC previously, they should already be in the system. If this is the supplier’s first time doing business with the UC, they must complete and submit a W-9 form. The form must be submitted via fax to the number at the top of the form.

Purchasing (hiring) Professional Services  

Required documents from the requestor:

  1. SSW Purchasing Services/Independent Contractor Request Form

    i. Must be signed by requestor

    ii. Must be signed by PI on designated funds (if other than requestor)

  2. Source Selection & Price Reasonableness Justification Form required for all Federally Funded orders that are ≥$10,000 & State funded orders that are ≥$50,000

  3. Classification Worksheet for Federal Tax Purposes (for individuals or Sole Proprietor)

  4. Supply Management's Statement of Work Template or Alternative Scope of Work Template

Required documents from the Supplier:

  1. Certificate of Insurance (the certificate must name “The Regents of the University of California” as additionally insured)

  2. Conflict of Interest Certification 

  3. Supplier’s Proposal/Quote

Submit completed documents to swdesk@berkeley.edu (preferred) or swdesk mailbox in 120 Haviland, we will submit in BearBuy.

Once the PO has been generated, we will email you with the PO# (the supplier should keep number this on record as well), and the supplier may begin work. Suppliers should not begin work until the PO has been generated.

After-the-Fact Payment Requests

If you are submitting a request AFTER services have already begun or been completed, then an After the Fact Justification must be provided along with the rest of the required documentation, whether the services are provided by a company or Independent Contractor.

The Dean's exceptional authorization is required for all After-the-Fact purchases, in addition to the normally required documentation.

After-the-fact requests should be a rare and exceptional occurrence.

Additional Purchasing Process Information: 

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