Center for Prevention Research in Social Welfare: FAQs

I am not affiliated with Berkeley Social Welfare. Can I still become involved with CPRSW?

Send us an email at and we would be happy to discuss opportunities with you.

I am looking for faculty who conduct prevention research to serve on a supervisory committee. Are CPRSW faculty affiliates available for this purpose?

There are many students at UC Berkeley who have interests in prevention research. Unfortunately, we receive more student requests than we can accommodate. At this time, we can only consider requests from students whose independent research falls squarely into the specific areas that the center is currently focused on. Priority will be given to students who have completed a research practicum with CPRSW.

I am hoping to gain experience in the field of prevention research. What is a research practicum?

A research practicum is a three-unit independent study where students develop a learning contract with CPRSW faculty to guide a mentored experience conducting prevention research in the context of an ongoing project of CPRSW faculty affiliates. Proposals for a research practicum need to be submitted by Week 10 of the semester preceding the semester in which the proposed practicum would be conducted. Proposals will be considered on a rolling basis and awarded competitively based on the faculty's availability and capacity to support the student's training goals. A research practicum is uncompensated and requires participation in monthly center meetings. For guidance on how to submit a proposal, please e-mail

I am considering applying to the PhD program in Social Welfare at Berkeley. Are CPRSW faculty affiliates taking students?

At the UC Berkeley School of Social Welfare, students are admitted to the program, not to a specific person's research center, lab, or team. That being said, doctoral training occurs in the context of a strong mentoring relationship. We encourage doctoral students with a strong interest in prevention research to apply to the Social Welfare program at Berkeley, conduct mentored research at CPRSW through one or more research practicums, and eventually become a student affiliate of the center conducting independent research under the supervision of CPRSW faculty affiliates.

I am considering applying to the MSW program in Social Welfare at Berkeley. Can MSW students join CPRSW?

Yes! MSW and MSW/MPH students are invited to join CPRSW after completing SW280 (or equivalent) while conducting a prevention research project.

I am an undergraduate considering applying to the social welfare major at Berkeley. Can undergraduates join CPRSW?

Yes! Undergraduate honors students are invited to join CPRSW, after their acceptance to the Honors Program in Social Welfare, while conducting an honors thesis in the area of prevention.