Filing Fee Option in lieu of Registration

The Filing Fee is a reduced fee, one-half of the Student Services Fee (formerly the University Registration fee), for doctoral students who have completed all requirements for the degree except for filing the dissertation. Filing Fee is available for the fall and spring semesters ONLY.

The Filing Fee is not a form of registration nor is it equivalent to registration. If students wish to use University services that are supported by registration fees, they must pay those fees. Students on Filing Fee status are not eligible to receive university funding or hold academic appointments because they are not registered. The Filing Fee may be used only ONCE during a student’s career.

If a student does not complete the file the dissertation during the semester for which the Filing Fee is approved, the student must apply for readmission and pay regular registration fees during a subsequent semester to complete the requirements.

Filing Fee status is only available for students registered in the immediately previous term: fall semester to be on Filing Fee in spring; spring semester or Summer Session (registered for at least three units) to be on Filing Fee in fall. Filing Fee status is not available for Summer Sessions. For further details please see the Graduate Division policy on Filing Fee status.

The Filing Fee Application form is a Special Enrollment Petition e Form in CalCentral.