Post-Masters PPSC Program

Berkeley Social Welfare offers a fully accredited School Social Work Program designed to educate Berkeley Social Welfare master’s-level social workers to assist public schools in achieving their educational and developmental missions. Berkeley Social Welfare students pursuing the Master of Social Welfare (MSW) degree who complete the required academic and field curriculum in school social work are eligible for a recommendation from Berkeley Social Welfare for the Pupil Personnel Services Credentials (“PPSC”) issued by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC). The PPS credential is usually a requirement for employment as a school social worker in California K-12 public schools.

Eligibility for the Post-Masters PPSC Program

Applicants to the Post-MSW PPSC Program must have already received a master’s degree in social welfare (MSW) from UC Berkeley School of Social Welfare

Berkeley Social Welfare’s School Social Work program prepares students in the PPSC specialization areas of School Social Work, and the Child Welfare and Attendance add-on specialization. Our PPSC credentialing program is accredited only for the PPSC in School Social Work, so only those who hold the MSW degree from UC Berkeley School of Social Welfare are eligible. Students with master’s degrees in a field other than social work are not eligible for the Post-MSW PPSC Program. 

The Post-Masters PPSC Program for non-UC Berkeley MSW graduates is currently on pause and a re-open date is not currently set. When a re-open date is finalized, this website will be updated accordingly. 

How the Post-MSW PPSC Program Works

To be eligible for a credential recommendation from Berkeley Social Welfare, all post-master's program participants must meet the same requirements as the School Social Work Credentials (PPSC) Program. All requirements must be completed within three consecutive calendar years from acceptance into the Post-MSW PPSC Program.

Required Coursework

Credential-seeking students accepted to the Post-MSW PPSC Program enroll in Berkeley Summer Sessions to complete the two required courses during the summer:

  1. SOC WEL W232 - Social Work and Education Policy

    This course is conducted entirely online - students do not have to be on campus to complete any portion of it. The course is structured into weekly modules, and utilizes multiple methods to appeal to a variety of learning styles, including readings, videos, discussion boards, reflective journaling, experiential exercises and written assignments.

  2. SOC WEL 250T - Social Work Practice in School Settings
    A social work practice course that typically meets twice a week in the evenings during one of the six-week summer sessions terms.

Both courses are offered every summer.

No transfer credit or course waivers are accepted for the Post-MSW PPSC Program at Berkeley. All Post-MSW PPSC Program participants must complete the required coursework at Berkeley in order to be eligible for a PPSC credential recommendation.

    3. SOC WEL 212: Child Development from Infancy to Adolescents in its Social Context

This course is also required as part of the School of Social Welfare’s Strengthening Children, Youth and Family (SCYF) Specialization. This course can be waived if a candidate can show proof of completion of another college-level course that addresses the same content and it is approved by our program

Field Experience Requirements

Post-MSW PPSC Program participants must have either completed the necessary field experience requirements for the PPSC while in their MSW program, or after receiving their MSW, or be in the process of completing field experience hours through employment in a public school setting that meets the CTC field experience requirements (see School Social Work Credentials).

Post-MSW PPSC Program participants are responsible for securing their own internship/field placement to obtain the required field experience. Berkeley Social Welfare does NOT provide field placements, any liaison assistance, oversight, or liability insurance coverage for post-master’s students. Post-MSW PPSC Program participants requiring malpractice liability insurance while completing field requirements may obtain coverage through NASW or the School Social Work Association of America.

Past field experience hours completed prior to acceptance into the Post-MSW PPSC program may be used upon verification from the Field Supervisor(s) that the hours meet PPSC requirements. Previous hours will be verified upon acceptance into the Program. Candidates may also begin accruing PPSC-eligible field experience hours upon acceptance into the Post-MSW PPSC Program. Candidates must obtain a valid Certificate of Clearance (COC) prior to completing those hours. Berkeley Social Welfare with only provide credit for those hours that are completed after the validity date of the COC. Post-MSW PPSC candidates must complete all field requirements within three years from acceptance into the Program in order to be eligible for a credential recommendation. 

Post-Master's Field Experience Evaluation Form

PPSC Field Placement Supervision

Field Instructors need to be able to provide opportunities that meet both the concentration and credential requirements. They must have both an MSW degree and a valid PPSC. Occasionally there may be a Field Instructor with an MSW and a PPSC supervisor from another field such as Counseling or Psychology who will both provide oversight and instruction to the student. Such exceptions require pre-approval, and both the Field Instructor and the PPSC Supervisor will need to sign and approve of all Learning Agreements and Field Evaluations. Berkeley Social Welfare does NOT assist Post-MSW PPSC Program participants in finding appropriate supervision. 

Additional CTC Requirements

PPSC candidates must also satisfy certain additional credential prerequisite requirements, including completing a fingerprinting and background check process, and obtain a Certificate of Clearance issued by CTC. All candidates must also satisfy the state’s Basic Skills Requirement, which is usually done by taking and passing the California Basic Education Skills Test (CBEST).

For complete information about all credential requirements, please see our School Social Work Credentials page.

After completing all program requirements, candidates request a credential recommendation by submitting a Request for Online Credential Recommendation Form and official transcripts documenting successful completion of any additional required course work. Once Berkeley Social Welfare completes final verification and submits an online credential recommendation to the CTC, candidates complete the application process via CTC Online Services and pay the appropriate application processing fee(s).

Program Costs

The Post-MSW PPSC Program is a non-degree program; participants in the program pay a program fee to Berkeley Social Welfare. Registration and course enrollment fees are paid directly to Berkeley Summer Sessions. There are additional fees associated with CTC administrative requirements.

Program Fee

There is a non-refundable program fee of $450, payable at the time a complete application package is submitted. The fee is assessed to defray costs associated with application processing, transcript evaluation, verifying field experience hours, final evaluation of credential eligibility, and submission of the online credential recommendation.

Registration and Course Fees

Students enroll in the required coursework through Berkeley Summer Sessions as “Visiting Domestic Students.” Registration and course enrollment fees are paid directly to Berkeley Summer Sessions. For registration details and current fee information, please visit Berkeley Summer Sessions Application and Fees.

Additional Fees

There are additional fees associated with CTC credential requirements, including the fingerprinting and background check process, CTC application processing fees, and CBEST testing. For current fee information, see the CTC’s Fee Information Leaflet.

Financial Aid

Because the Post-MSW PPSC Program is a non-degree program, financial aid is not available from UC Berkeley or the School of Social Welfare for Visiting Students.

Applying to the Post-MSW PPSC Program

The priority deadline to submit an application to the Post-MSW PPSC Program is April 1 each year prior to the start of Berkeley Summer Sessions, or until the required courses reach their enrollment limit. We encourage all applicants to submit materials in plenty of time to be notified of acceptance in advance of enrollment for Berkeley Summer Sessions, which generally begins in mid-February each year.

Applications to the Post-MSW PPSC Program will only be reviewed if the applicant has already received a master’s degree in social welfare (MSW) from UC Berkeley School of Social Welfare or if the applicant is a current Berkeley Social Welfare Advanced student. 

Current Post-MSW Students

Use this Documentation Form to provide information about or upload documentation indicating you have satisfied the requirements to be eligible for a credential recommendation from Berkeley Social Welfare. You will also use this form to submit your request for an online credential recommendation when you have completed all requirements.

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