Concurrent Degree in Law (MSW/JD)

Berkeley Social Welfare and Berkeley Law offer a four-year Concurrent Degree in Social Welfare and Law (MSW/JD). The Concurrent Degree Program is designed for students desiring to pursue their studies of law and social work practice in an interdisciplinary context. The MSW/JD Concurrent Degree Program allows students to complete both degrees in four years (eight semesters), instead of the five years it would take to earn both degrees separately.

Applying to the MSW/JD Concurrent Degree Program

Prospective Applicants to Graduate Study at Berkeley

Prospective graduate students interested in the MSW/JD Concurrent Degree must apply and be admitted independently to both schools. On the Social Welfare side, applicants apply by submitting a single concurrent degree program application through the online UC Berkeley Graduate and Professional Application for Admission. On the Law School side, applicants must follow the process for Berkeley Law J.D. Admissions. For more information, please also see Berkeley Law Concurrent Degree Programs.

Current Berkeley Graduate Students

Current Berkeley Social Welfare students may apply to the Law JD/MSW Concurrent Degree program during their first year of graduate study, for enrollment in the following year if admitted by Berkeley Law. Similarly, Berkeley Law students seeking to add the MSW may apply to the Social Welfare MSW/JD Concurrent Degree program in either their first or second year of study. MSW students applying in their second year and JD students applying in their third year will not be admitted to the concurrent degree program.