Post-MSW PPSC Information and Checklist

Please read and complete all steps before submitting your application.

Questions? Contact a PPSC program adviser via email to

  1. Application Form:
    Submit your application via Google Form.

  2. Application Deadline:
    The application deadline is April 1st each year. Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit a complete application package in plenty of time to be notified of acceptance well in advance of enrollment for Berkeley Summer Sessions courses, which generally begins in mid-February each year.

  3. Program Fee Payment:We require a $450 administrative fee that is separate from Tuition and Fees. Use this link ( to submit your payment with your application. Applications will only be reviewed once payment has been completed.

  4. Transcripts:Official transcripts documenting conferral of your BACHELOR’S degree in a major other than education, AND conferral of your MSW degree, must be included with your application package. To be eligible for the Post-MSW PPSC Program, you must have a Master’s degree in Social Work/Social Welfare (MSW) from an accredited program. Other master’s degrees are not accepted for this program.
    Send all Transcripts electronically to <>, or hard copies uploaded to the Google Form.

  5. Résumé:
    A current résumé/CV must be included with your application package.

  6. PPSC Program Goal Statement:
    Please include a brief (1-2 typed pages) personal goal statement, addressing:
    1) development of your interest in school social work and your goals in applying to the PPS credential program;
    2) how you see that earning a PPSC will advance your professional practice; and
    3) how you intend to utilize this credential to serve disadvantaged pupils.

  7. Field Experience Verification:
    Include ONE of the following in your application package:
    Option 1: A completed Field Experience Verification and Evaluation Form signed by the supervising field instructor who holds a PPSC in Social Work.
    Option 2: A letter of reference on agency letterhead, from a PPSC in Social Work-holding supervisor, verifying that field hours are in progress, or will be in progress while in the Post-MSW PPSC Program.
    Option 3: A brief written statement outlining your intended plans for completing the required field experience hours if you still need to arrange for field placement.

  8. Certificate of Clearance Verification:Attach a completed copy of your CTC LiveScan Form 41-LS your Certificate of Clearance document number. (If you are awaiting your clearance, you can still apply but note this on your application.) This form is required in order to access your CTC Educator Record to verify that you have a valid Certificate of Clearance issued by CTC. You must obtain the Certificate of Clearance prior to beginning any school-based field placement hours you wish to have counted towards the PPSC field experience requirement.
  9. Basic Skills Requirement Verification:
    You must satisfy this requirement before your credential recommendation can be submitted. Please include a copy of your CBEST (
    or acceptable alternative test) OFFICIAL score report with your application. “Screenshots” are not acceptable.