2.1 Registering for Classes

All new and continuing students must be officially registered in order to access campus services. Becoming fully registered is a TWO-STEP process: you must 1) enroll in classes; and then 2) pay registration fees. Both actions are completed in CalCentral.

Enrolling in Classes

Social Welfare MSW students follow the standard process of enrollment in CalCentral. Enrollment takes place in two phases – “Phase 1” and “Phase 2” – followed by an adjustment period. Phase 1 and 2 appointment times are determined by the Office of the Registrar and are posted to your CalCentral profile under “My Academics.” Students are notified automatically by email from the Registrar when appointment times are available in CalCentral. You may add preferred classes to a “Shopping Cart” before your official Phase 1 or 2 enrollment appointment times.

Prior to the start of each CalCentral enrollment period (and in the summer, for incoming new students), the Graduate Student Affairs Office (GSAO; also known as the Graduate Advisor) provides all students with information about and instructions for enrolling in classes for the next term.

Schedule of Classes

The schedule of classes is accessible from your CalCentral dashboard, as well as the Berkeley Academic Guide. The Berkeley Academic Guide also includes links to the Academic Calendar, and additional information on course descriptions, prerequisites, etc. for all courses offered at Berkeley.

Enrollment Resources