Advising for Social Welfare Majors

Advising for Berkeley undergraduate students is a shared responsibility between college advisers, Undergraduate Major Advisers (UMAs), and advisers located in co-curricular and academic support programs. The Social Welfare undergraduate major functions as a department of the College of Letters and Science (L&S). We are part of the L&S Social Sciences "A" Advising Neighborhood.

To learn more about your Advising Neighborhood, and the differences between college advisers and UMAs, please visit L&S Advising>College Advising vs. Major Advising.

Social Welfare Undergraduate Major Adviser

Our Undergraduate Advising Office is located in the Social Welfare Student Services Office in 101 Haviland Hall. Questions and requests for advising appointments should be sent by email to 

For the most up-to-date information regarding major advising appointment options and availability, please visit Social Welfare Advising and Student Services. Please note we do not make same-day appointments.