Prerequisite Entry Requirements

Lower-division Coursework

Before you can petition to declare Social Welfare as your major, you must complete all of the following prerequisite courses:

1) L&S Reading and Composition (R&C) Requirement:
The College of Letters and Science requires two semesters of lower-division work in composition - Reading and Composition (R&C), parts A and B, in sequential order. All undergraduates must complete the R&C requirement by the end of their fourth semester. For information on courses that satisfy the R&C requirement, please visit L&S Advising > Reading & Composition.

2) L&S Quantitative Reasoning Requirement:
The Quantitative Reasoning requirement is designed to ensure that students graduate with basic understanding and competency in math, statistics, or computer science. The requirement may be satisfied by exam or by taking an approved course in math, statistics and computer science, or the Foundations of Data Science (Data 8) course. Coursework used to satisfy Quantitative Reasoning must be completed with a letter grade of C- or better. For information on courses that satisfy the Quantitative Reasoning requirement, please visit L&S Advising > Quantitative Reasoning.

3) Introductory Psychology:
Psychology 1 or 2, or equivalent.

4) Introductory Sociology:
Sociology 1 or 3AC, or equivalent.

Options for Completing Prerequisite Courses

These prerequisite courses can be taken at UC Berkeley, at another university, or at a community college. For courses taken at another institution, the course title must indicate "Introductory;" Beginning;" "Elementary;" etc., and a transcript (unofficial is acceptable) must be presented at the time of declaring for grade verification. High school AP scores that are high enough to provide university units can be accepted in place of a prerequisite class.

GPA Guideline for Prerequisite Coursework

All prerequisite courses must be successfully completed with a minimum letter grade of C.