5.4 Dismissal from the Social Welfare MSW Program

A student may be subject to dismissal from the Social Welfare MSW graduate program for:

  1. Failure to correct academic deficiencies, as determined by the department and the Graduate Division, after a reasonable, established period of probation.
  2. Failure to meet the necessary clinical standards in a professional program.
  3. Violations of the Code of Student Code as determined by the Vice Chancellor, Division of Student Affairs at the recommendation of the Office of Student Conduct and with the concurrence of the Graduate Dean.

If the Head Graduate Advisor believes that it is unlikely that a student on probation can improve his or her record or that the student is unable to meet requirements for the degree, the Head Graduate Advisor will recommend dismissal to the Dean of the Graduate Division.

The Graduate Division reviews the records of all students on probation to determine if they should be dismissed. Only the Dean of the Graduate Division has the authority to place a student on probation, to remove probationary status, and, if necessary, to dismiss a student from graduate standing.