Bari Cornet

Emerita Lecturer and Practica Consultant

Bari Cornet is field education consultant and lecturer emerita at the School of Social Welfare. She served in the Management and Planning concentration and holds expertise in public health social work with a focus on maternal and child health. Her research interests include definition and implementation of psychosocial services within perinatal health, healthcare delivery through the use of community health workers and increasing access to care for the underserved.

Cornet earned both her MSW ('85) and MPH ('86) at UC Berkeley.

Jeffrey L. Edleson

Former Dean and Distinguished Professor of the Graduate School

Distinguished Professor of the Graduate School Jeffrey L. Edleson is the Harry and Riva Specht Chair Emeritus and served as Dean from 2012 through August 2019. He was a professor of social work at the University of Minnesota School of Social Work for 29 years before joining Berkeley in 2012 and the founding director of the Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse.

A leading expert in domestic violence, Dr. Edleson's current research examines the impact of adult violence on children and how social systems respond to these children. His work also focuses on international parental...

Eileen Gambrill

Emeritus Professor and Professor of the Graduate School

Eileen Gambrill is professor of the graduate school at the School of Social Welfare. Her research interests include professional ethics and education; evidence-based practice; professional decision making; social learning theory; behavioral methods; evaluation of practice; and social skills training.

Dr. Gambrill is a grantee of the University of Bristol's Benjamin Meeker Fellowship as well as a two-time recipeint of the Pro Humanitate Award, which is bestowed by the North American Resource Center for Child Welfare. She has also served as a visiting scholar at the University of...

Jewelle Taylor Gibbs

Emerita Professor

Jewelle Taylor Gibbs is professor emerita at the School of Social Welfare as well as a clinical psychologist and noted writer. She is the author of Preserving Privilege: California Politics, Propositions, and People of Color (2001), and her research interests include adolescent psychosocial problems, minority mental health, juvenile justice issues, biracial and bicultural identity issues, and urban social policy.

After graduating from Berkeley Social Welfare's MSW program in 1970, Dr. Taylor Gibbs served as a clinical social worker at Stanford University before returning to...

Bart Grossman

Emeritus Practica Director

Bart Grossman is practica director emeritus at the School of Social Welfare. An expert in social work and practica education, Grossman’s research interests also include child welfare and human service organizations.

Expanded Publications

Grossman, B. & McCormick, K. (2003). "Preparing Social Work Students for Interdisciplinary Practice: Learnings from a Curriculum Development Project." Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment, 7(1/2), 97-115.

Grossman, B. & Drabble, L. (1999 March/April). What Addiction Professionals Need To Know About Welfare Reform and...

Rafael Herrera

Emeritus Director of Admissions

RAFAEL HERRERA, DCSW, LCSW is a Board Certified Diplomat in Clinical Social Work. He retired as Berkeley Social Welfare director of admissions in June 2010. He graduated from the School of Social Welfare in 1973 and has over 40 years of experience as a practitioner and administrator in a variety of mental health settings, including private practice.

Before coming to Berkeley in 1990, he served as the program director for the Highland Hospital Department of Psychiatry and as director of Alameda County's Community Crisis Response Program. He continues to deliver crisis intervention...

Peter Manoleas

Emeritus Lecturer and Practica Consultant

Peter Manoleas is a practica consultant and lecturer emeritus at the School of Social Welfare. He is an expert on the topics of community behavioral health and disparity reduction strategies.

Lorraine Midanik

Emerita Dean and Professor

Lorraine Midanik is dean and professor emerita of the School of Social Welfare, where she served as a member of the faculty for 27 years. Her research interests include the biomedicalization of social problems, research methodology, health policy, alcohol and drug policy and the epidemiology of alcohol and drug use.

Professor Midanik taught her first course at the School in 1984, while serving as a health evaluation analyst at Kaiser Permanente. She first joined the faculty as an assistant professor in health services and continued her research collaborations with Kaiser's Division...

James Midgley

Professor of the Graduate School and Dean Emeritus

James Midgley is Professor of the Graduate School and Dean Emeritus of the School of Social Welfare. He served as Dean from 1997 to 2006 and was the Harry and Riva Specht Professor of Public Social Services from 1997 to 2016 when he retired from full-time academic work. Originally from South Africa, he studied at the University of Cape Town where he trained as a social worker and completed a master and doctorate in sociology. He subsequently joined the faculty teaching sociology, social policy and social work. In 1970, he won a prestigious campus award to study at the London School of...

Leonard Miller

Emeritus Professor

Leonard Miller is professor emeritus at the School of Social Welfare. An expert on economics and its relation to social work, Miller’s research seeks to integrate economic theory and quantitative methods to estimate the efficacy of social service and health delivery systems. Miller’s research interests include development, public finance, education and econometrics.

Expanded Publications

Miller, S. (2011). Creating efficiency in social services.

Miller, L.S. & Pruger, R. (1991). Efficiency and The Social Services: Part A and Part B,...