Associate Professors

Jamie Chang

Acting Associate Professor

Dr. Chang’s research involves investigating the structural determinants that impact the health of unhoused people, focusing on the role of social policies (e.g. encampment sweeps) on unhoused people’s health outcomes. Recently, she has led mixed-methods studies which examine the soaring numbers of people dying while unhoused in Santa Clara County. Her lab developed the SCC Unhoused Death website, a...

Paul Sterzing

Associate Professor

PAUL R. STERZING, PhD is an associate professor at the School of Social Welfare and a graduate of the Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis. Dr. Sterzing is currently the Co-director of the Center for Prevention Research in Social Welfare, and a faculty affiliate with the Gender and Women's Studies Department.

Dr. Sterzing’s research fits within the following four interconnected areas:

Rates and Social Ecological Correlates of Bullying Involvement Roles among Vulnerable Adolescent...

Tina Sacks

Associate Professor

TINA SACKS is an associate professor at UC Berkeley’s School of Social Welfare. Her fields of interest include racial inequities in health, social determinants of health, and poverty and inequality. Professor Sacks focuses on the how macro-structural forces, including structural discrimination and immigration, affect women’s health. Her current work investigates the persistence of racial and gender discrimination in health care settings among racial/ethnic minorities who are not poor. She published a book on this subject entitled Invisible Visits: Black Middle Class Women in the...

Emmeline Chuang

Associate Professor

Associate Professor and Mack Distinguished Professor Emmeline Chuang's research focuses on how health and human service organizations can improve service access and well-being of underserved populations, with a specific focus on: (1) how the nature and quality of inter-organizational relationships between health and human service organizations affects service access and client outcomes; (2) how managers and other organizational leaders can best support evidence uptake by frontline practitioners; and (3) how the design of work affects provider and staff satisfaction and...

Adrian Aguilera

Associate Professor
Associate Professor Adrian Aguilera’s research leverages digital & mobile technologies along with innovative methods such as machine learning to improve health & mental healthcare of low-income & ethnic minority populations, with a focus on Latinx & Spanish-speaking populations.

NIH funds collaboration to improve mental health treatment for Latinos

October 3, 2022

Read about how Dr. Adrian Aguilera's work is featured in ongoing NIH funding developments:

"Irvine, Calif., Oct. 3, 2022 – The National Institutes of Health is awarding nearly $4.7 million over five years to support research teams from University of California campuses in Irvine, Berkeley and San Francisco who are collaborating on a new project that will combine peer support with the use of a digital platform to better serve the mental health needs of Latino patients with limited English proficiency."