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Community Mental Health

Direct Practice in Community Mental Health
Preparing for leadership in practice with public mental health systems

The MSW Concentration in Community Mental Health
Community Mental Health (CMH) students are prepared for leadership and direct practice in psychiatric social work; community mental health outreach and prevention; clinical social work; case management; child treatment; and substance abuse treatment. Specialized training provides state-of-the-art knowledge​ for effective multilevel practice with populations at risk for serious mental health problems.

CMH students gain knowledge and skill in empirically-grounded practice in community care, self-help, and social rehabilitation; and modes of psychotherapy proven to be effective for seriously mentally ill adults and those suffering from co-morbid substance abuse disorders, those at risk of developing mental illness, immigrants and refugees, and seriously emotionally disturbed children and youth.

Typical Field Placements in Community Mental Health
Agencies providing a broad continuum of mental health care (e.g., inpatient, community residential treatment, day treatment, outpatient, crisis intervention clinics, and integrated “wraparound” and school-based services) for adults, children, and youth with emotional problems of varying severity and duration

CMH Concentration Co-Chairs
Kurt Organista, PhD
Luna Calderon, LCSW

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