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Leadership for Service.
Leadership for Social Justice and Social Change.
Leadership for Evidence-informed and Competency-based Practice.

Each year Berkeley Social Welfare endeavors to admit the most promising master's students who combine scholarly ability with demonstrated commitment and aptitude for a career in social work.

We seek students with significant academic preparation in the liberal arts, with a background which has fostered the development of a world view characterized by humanistic values, an appreciation of the historical context of present-day social realities, a critical and analytical perspective, and a sensitivity to issues of diversity and social justice in a pluralistic society.

Students entering the master's program are expected to have acquired a broad education consisting of knowledge drawn from the behavioral, social, and natural sciences, and the humanities. Conceptual ability and the capacity to integrate knowledge from these varied fields should be demonstrated through competence in writing.

Since successful experience in the human services field provides a good test of commitment and aptitude, we seek to admit students who have begun social work or related careers and demonstrate both professional promise and leadership potential. In addition we seek to enroll a diverse student body that substantially represents groups historically underrepresented both in the University of California and Berkeley Social Welfare.

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