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Latinx Center of Excellence




  • BA/MSW Mentorship Orientation  Saturday, September 29   10am - 2pm Haviland Commons 

  • Sin Fronteras Report Back  Monday, October 1    4 - 6pm  Haviland Commons

  • MSW/Alumni Mentorship Orientation  Saturday, October 13   10am - 12pm 

  • Dia de Los Muertos  Monday, October 29  4 - 6pm

Established in July 2017, Berkeley Social Welfare's Latinx Center of Excellence (LCOE) aims to address the shortage of Latinx students in graduate-level social work education. Our goal is to promote success among Latinx social work students through enhanced training and educational opportunities in behavioral health. To this end, the Center is embarking on a set of coordinated program activities to:

  • Increase the recruitment of Latinx undergraduate and graduate students to Berkeley Social Welfare, with special emphasis on students interested in community behavioral health;

  • Enhance the preparation of Berkeley Social Welfare’s Latinx undergraduate, MSW and PhD students to employ practice interventions and to design, conduct and disseminate research that effectively and appropriately address the behavioral health care needs of Latinx communities;

  • Increase the academic and professional success of Berkeley Social Welfare’s Latinx undergraduate, MSW and PhD students;

  • Increase the successful recruitment, retention and promotion of Latinx faculty at Berkeley Social Welfare and other California schools of social work/social welfare; and,

  • Enhance the knowledge and skills of behavioral health professionals who work with Latinx communities to employ effective and culturally responsive practices and interventions with those communities.

CONTACT US: For inquiries about LCOE activities, email us at