Professor of the Graduate School

Mary Ann Mason

Mary Ann MasonProfessor of the Graduate School and Berkeley Social Welfare Professor Emerita Mary Ann Mason served as the first woman dean of the UC Berkeley Graduate Division from 2000 to 2007.

Steven P. Segal

Steven segalProfessor of the Graduate School Steven P. Segal's research interests include mental health and social policy, research methods, adult residential care, self-help mental health services, violence and mental illness.

James Midgley

Jim MidgelyProfessor of the Graduate School James Midgley is an authority in the fields of international social work and social work and social policy in the developing world.

Andrew Scharlach

Andrew ScharlachProfessor of the Graduate School Andrew Scharlach's research examines innovative social and community supports designed to promote healthy aging.

Eileen Gambrill

Eileen GambrillProfessor of the Graduate School Eileen Gambrill's research focuses on professional ethics and education; evidence-based practice; professional decision making; social learning theory; evaluation; and social skills training.

Michael J. Austin

Michael J. AustinProfessor of the Graduate School Michael J. Austin is a leading contributor to the field of social service management. He focuses on nonprofit and public sector management, organizational change and policy implementation.