James Midgley

JAMES MIDGLEY is professor of the graduate school and dean emeritus (1997-2006) of the School of Social Welfare.

An authority on international social welfare, Dr. Midgley is regarded as a pioneer in the fields of international social work and social work and social policy in the developing world. He has published widely on the topics of international social work and social welfare policy. Dr. Midgley’s current research interests include international social work, social development and social policy.

Expanded Publications

Midgley, J. Future Directions in Social...

Osagie K. Obasogie

Osagie K. Obasogie is the Haas Distinguished Chair and Professor of Law at the University of California, Berkeley School of Law with a joint appointment in the Joint Medical Program and School of Public Health. He is also an affiliated faculty member of Berkeley Social Welfare.

More information about Dr. Obasogie's scholarship and teaching.

Kurt Organista

A leading expert on social work practice within the Latino community, Dr. Organista's research focuses on psychosocial problems within the Chicano and Latino communities, acculturation and adjustment of ethnic minorities to American societies, minority mental health, cognitive behavioral therapy, depression in Latinos and HIV prevention with Mexican migrant laborers/Latinos. He holds the Harry and Riva Specht Chair for Publicly Supported Social Services.

Dr. Organista's book, HIV Prevention with Latinos: Theory, Research and Practice, is the first-ever collection of texts...

Emily Ozer

UC Berkeley School of Public Health Professor of Community Health and Human Development Emily J. Ozeris an affiliated faculty member of Berkeley Social Welfare.

Professor Ozer teaches graduate courses in behavioral science theory, mental health, community interventions and program evaluation. Her research interests include school-based health promotion and prevention programs, post-traumatic stress disorder and community-based participatory research. She is particularly interested in how the school and classroom contexts in which prevention programs are implemented...

Andrew Scharlach

Professor of the Graduate School ANDREW SCHARLACH served as the longtime Eugene and Rose Kleiner Professor of Aging at the School of Social Welfare. He also directed the Center for the Advanced Study of Aging Services.

Dr. Scharlach’s research examines innovative social and community supports designed to promote healthy aging. His current multi-year program of research examines emerging initiatives for helping communities to become more aging-friendly. Dr. Scharlach’s other research interests include aging policies, programs and services; social support; family...

Steven P. Segal

Steven P. Segal is professor of the graduate school at the School of Social Welfare. His research interests include mental health and social policy, research methods, adult residential care, self-help mental health services, violence and mental illness, community mental health, homelessness, social work practice, psychiatric epidemiology, social support systems, social ecology, health policy and psychiatric emergencies.

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Jennifer Skeem

Florence Krenz Mack Professor of Social Welfare and Professor of Public Policy JENNIFER L. SKEEM is a psychologist who writes and teaches about the intersection between behavioral science and criminal justice. Her research is designed to inform efforts to prevent violence, improve decision-making about people involved in the justice system, and achieve effective and equitable justice reform. Current projects include testing innovative correctional services for people with mental illness, identifying environmental factors that promote violence within institutions, and...