Assistant Professor

Yu-Ling Chang

Assistant Professor Yu-Ling Chang's scholarly interests focus on the relationships among poverty, inequality and social safety net programs. Her research addresses both the process of policymaking and the consequences of public policies for economically disadvantaged populations. Her research agenda is informed by her professional experiences serving and advocating for individuals suffering from economic hardship during the global economic recession in the late 2000s.

Dr. Chang's current research projects investigate the racial equity and CalWORKs reforms in...

Erin M. Kerrison

Assistant Professor Erin M. Kerrison's work extends from a legal epidemiological framework, wherein law and legal institutions condition structural determinants of health. Specifically, through varied agency partnerships, her mixed-method research agenda investigates the impact that compounded structural disadvantage, concentrated poverty, and state supervision has on service delivery, substance misuse, violence and other health outcomes for individuals and communities marked by criminal legal system intervention.

Dr. Kerrison's research has been supported...