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Student Services

The Berkeley Social Welfare Student Services Team provides strength-based advising in partnership with the student in a way that supports learning, exploration and personal development. We create an inclusive, student-centered and culturally sensitive environment that promotes social justice and equity. Whether you are an incoming freshman, transfer student, graduate student, or potential applicant, we offer a personalized and holistic approach to educational planning that encourages exploration, dispels myths and rumors, and promotes progress towards degree attainment.

We can help you:

  • Understand policies and procedures maintained by the School, Letters & Science, Graduate Division, and other campus units.

  • Connect to campus resources and enrichment opportunities that broaden awareness and increase experiential learning.

  • Find or create opportunities for community with your student peers, staff, and faculty.

  • Problem-solve for barriers that you may be facing that are hindering academic success and/or personal growth.

  • Develop short-term and long-term professional and educational goals through one-on-one and group advising opportunities

Student Resources for Current Students

Berkeley Social Welfare offers a variety of advising resources to help guide students through their academic program, the Berkeley campus, and into the world of social work.  The following web resources are frequently accessed by current Social Welfare students.

Undergraduate Students
MSW Students
PhD Students
Student Funding
Campus Resource Guide for Newly Admitted Students
Campus Resources for Graduate Students


Student Life

The students of Berkeley Social Welfare actively shape the community within the School and university by participating in student-led organizations and events.

Student Organizations
Social Justice Symposium
Lobby Days
School Events Calendar