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The Sue Ann Gershenson Endowed Graduate Fellowship

About the Sue Anne Gershenson Endowed Graduate Fellowship

The Sue Anne Gershenson Endowed Graduate Fellowship was established in 2012 with a gift from the Sue Anne Gershenson Trust. This fellowship is also supported by the Berkeley Graduate Division’s Graduate Fellowship Matching Program. The Gershenson Endowed Graduate Fellowship supports graduate students in the School of Social Welfare who demonstrate a high level of academic distinction. The annual award amount is currently $3,500.

Sue received a BA in Psychology from UC Berkeley in 1968 and an MSW from the School of Social Welfare in 1970. After she received her MSW from Berkeley, Sue convinced the Hayward Police Department to create a social worker position to be first responder to domestic violence calls. Sue spent many years working with families affected by violence and abuse. She later received a J.D. from the University of San Francisco in 1992. During her life Sue was always proud of her education and wanted to give back to the school from which she gained so much. This fellowship was established in fulfillment of her request to support financially the cause that she supported with her heart.

Gershenson Endowed Graduate Fellows

Emma Agnew

Kirstie Dutton

Rina Breakstone
Caitlin Pugh

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