San Francisco Democrats elect Honey Mahogany (MSW '09) as first Black and first transgender local party chair

May 27, 2021

San Francisco Democrats elected city native Honey Mahogany as the first transgender and first Black chair of the local party. The first trans person in the U.S. to chair a local Democratic Party, Mahogany is now one of the party's highest-ranking transgender officials in the state and country.

Mahogany, 37, who also identifies as queer and nonbinary, is also the first drag queen to lead the local party. According to the LGBTQ Victory Fund, which helps to elect out candidates across the country, Mahogany is the third transgender person in a high-ranking Democratic Party leadership position...

"It is not lost on me how powerful it is to have a Black trans person leading the San Francisco Democratic Party," said Mahogany.

Bay Area Reporter