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Center for the Advanced Study of Aging Services

Improving Services for the Elderly through Research, Collaboration and Education

The Center for the Advanced Study of Aging Services is an initiative by the School of Social Welfare at the University of California at Berkeley. Our mission is to improve services for elderly people through a multifaceted approach including research, collaboration and education.

We support research and development regarding innovative programs and services designed to improve the lives of older persons. Collaboration is also an important goal of the Center, bringing together academics, service providers, community leaders, policy makers, consumers, students and others interested in improving services for the elderly. We also work to improve the training of social workers to meet the needs of a growing and ever-changing population of older Americans.

The Center for the Advanced Study of Aging Services was founded with a generous contribution from the Eugene and Rose Kleiner Family Foundation. It is part of the Center for Social Services Research.

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