Forms, Policies, and Calendars

Field Education Calendars

Fall 2022

UCB Instruction Begins August 24, 2022

Field Instructor Training

(mandatory for new Field Instructors, strongly encouraged for all)

August 31, 2022
Labor Day Holiday September 5, 2022
Fall Field Placement Begins

Advanced Students: *September 7, 2022

Foundation Students: September 21, 2022

Learning Agreements Due

Advanced StudentsSeptember 30, 2022

Foundation Students: October 20, 2022

Veterans' Holiday November 11, 2022
Fall Break Holiday  November 23-25, 2022
Mid-Year Field Evaluation Due

Advanced Students: December 8, 2022

Foundation Students: December 9, 2022

UCB Instruction Ends December 9, 2022
Last Day of Fall Field Placement

Foundation Students: December 15, 2022

Advanced Students: December 16, 2022

Spring 2023

Spring Field Placement Resumes January 4, 2023
Martin Luther King Holiday January 16, 2023
UCB Instruction Begins January 17, 2023
Presidents' Day Holiday February 20, 2023
Spring Break March 27 - 31, 2023
Year-End Field Evaluation Due Foundation Students: April 20, 2023
Advanced Students: April 21, 2023
Last Day of Spring Field Placement Foundation Students: April 27, 2023
Advanced Students: April 28, 2023
UCB Instruction Ends  May 5, 2023
Spring Semester Ends  May 12, 2023

Attendance Policies

Unless otherwise arranged, students serve eight-hour business days following the agency’s regular schedule. Lunch should be taken at the same time and increments as employees and does not count toward the eight-hour daily service requirement. Regular attendance and punctuality are expected even when the student is serving remotely. Days of service are officially recorded at the end of each semester on the final evaluation form and a tracking log.

Students are allowed the equivalent of 2 weeks of sick leave per academic year (first-year students are entitled to 4 days and second-year students to 6) that do not need to be made up. Absences beyond this must typically be made up. Some students may be approved in advance for additional accommodations based upon circumstance.

Unless otherwise arranged, students are not expected to be in a field placement during university break periods; if mutually agreeable, students may rearrange break periods or makeup absences during these periods. Before the break, students are expected to arrange for continuity of care for all clients and projects. If questions arise related to attendance or scheduling, please consult the assigned UCB Field Consultant.

*If you are celebrating the second day of Rosh Hashanah, please talk with your field instructor or student to set a new start date.


All of the Field Education forms are now electronic (except for the PPSC evaluation form--see below for the link). Students and field instructors will be emailed personalized links to complete and submit the learning agreement, first-semester evaluation, and final evaluation forms. The electronic forms will also allow students and field instructors to save drafts of each form. For samples of completed forms, see below. Please email your assigned Field Consultant if you have questions.

Pupil Personnel Services Credential (PPSC) Students

Students who are pursuing the PPSC must also complete an additional evaluation. These are due on the same day as the respective concentration final evaluations.

  • PPSC Final Field Evaluation Form: PDF