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Violent Conflict Impact on Staff, Volunteers and Students Working with Refugees and War Traumatized Populations

Principal Investigators and Research Partners: 
  • Niveen Rizkalla, PhD, Principal Investigator
  • Laila Soudi, MSc, Stanford University, School of Medicine
  • Felix Holl, MSc, UC San Francisco, Health Informatics & Global Health
  • Isabel Ullmann, UC Berkeley, Peace and Conflict Studies 
Summary and Findings: 

This research will explore the experiences and needs of staff, volunteers and students [aid workers] who provide humanitarian assistance to refugees and war traumatized populations across Europe (Greece, Germany, Croatia and Italy), Asia (India, Nepal, Thailand and Malaysia), the Middle East (Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey, The West Bank and Gaza) and Africa (South Sudan, Kenya, Sierra Leone and Uganda).

This study aims at examining aid workers’ mental health, needs and consequences of such work including secondary traumatic stress, couples’ intimacy, posttraumatic growth, and the training / emotional support that are provided to them via humanitarian organizations.