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Comparative Studies that Examine How Industrialized Nations Respond to the Needs of Working Families About

Income maintenance programs are at the very core of our social welfare system, providing financial support for those in need. Over the last decade, increasing fiscal constraints along with growing public dissatisfaction have created pressures for the reform of income maintenance programs. It is important that proposals to revise programs such as AFDC, General Assistance, Social Security Pensions, and Disability Insurance are informed by systematic analysis of data and...

Center for Prevention Research in Social Welfare: FAQs

I am not affiliated with Berkeley Social Welfare. Can I still become involved with CPRSW?

Send us an email at and we would be happy to discuss opportunities with you.

I am looking for faculty who conduct prevention research to serve on a supervisory committee. Are CPRSW faculty affiliates available for this purpose?

There are many students at UC Berkeley who have interests in prevention research. Unfortunately, we receive more student requests than we can accommodate. At this time, we can only consider...

Center for Prevention Research in Social Welfare: Contributions


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Campbell, E.J., Kim, B.K.E., Lee, J., & Shapiro, V.B. (April, 2018). Teacher ratings of...