Social Justice Symposium


The Social Justice Symposium (SJS) grew out of student organizing and a desire for a stronger social justice focus within the MSW program experience.  Through keynote speakers and performers, dozens of workshops, and a resource fair during the free lunch, this event aims to educate and inspire while building social justice consciousness and community.

Our (working) Definition of Social Justice

We collectively wrote a definition of social justice we feel embodies the spirit of this event.

Social Justice is a process, not an outcome, which (1) seeks fair (re)distribution of resources, opportunities, and responsibilities; (2) challenges the roots of oppression and injustice; (3) empowers all people to exercise self-determination and realize their full potential; (4) and builds social solidarity and community capacity for collaborative action.

Due to the pandemic, the Social Justice Symposium will not take place in Spring 2021.

Past Symposiums

Watch past keynote presentations.