Event video: "Community Surveillance in the Time of COVID-19: Civilian, Social Worker, and Police Officer Adaptations for Staying Safe"

June 17, 2020

The relationship between our social welfare and criminal legal system is marked both by tension and collaboration. Social workers, in particular, must coordinate efforts alongside a host of state agents, including police officers. At this moment, both front-line crisis workers are confronting an unprecedented charge that is shaped by an ever-changing set of contact protocols.

In this discussion recorded June 17, 2020, assistant professor Erin Kerrison and incoming doctoral student Luca Suede Connolly discuss the challenges faced by social workers and the social work profession.

Kerrison and Connolly video June 17, 2020

Erin Kerrison and Luca suede Connolly: "Community Surveillance in the Time of COVID-19"