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MSW + Master of Public Policy (MSW+MPP)

Concurrent Degree in Public Policy (MSW+MPP)

Berkeley Social Welfare and the Goldman School of Public Policy offer a Concurrent Degree program option that blends the substantive focus and professional social work training of the Masters in Social Welfare (MSW) with the rigorous methodological tools and policy breadth of the Masters in Public Policy (MPP).

Leaders who will guide societies - the United States and elsewhere - to effective solutions for today’s serious social problems will require a range of skills, many of which can be found in a blending of the Social Welfare and Public Policy core competencies. This concurrent degree program is designed to meet the pressing need for creative and skilled leaders in the human services field to tackle large and seemingly intractable social problems in the United States and globally.

Program Highlights

  • Complete both degrees in three years (plus one intervening summer) instead of the four it would take to earn the two degrees sequentially.
  • MSW students in the Concurrent MSW+MPP Program pursue courses and field education in the Strengthening Organization and Communities (SOC) specialization.
  • Jointly planned social work field placement that also satisfies the public policy internship requirement.
  • A capstone Advanced Policy Analysis project reflecting each student's professional and intellectual interests.

How to Apply

Students interested in the Concurrent MSW+MPP Degree Program must be admitted to both programs. Applications are reviewed by both Berkeley Social Welfare and GSPP, applying the same admissions requirements for concurrent degree students as for all other applicants.

Applicants can be considered for admission to the Concurrent MSW+MPP Degree program at the time of admission to UC Berkeley, or if they had applied to a single degree option (MSW or MPP), may apply during their first Fall semester to add the Concurrent MSW+MPP. Currently-enrolled Berkeley MSW and MPP students seeking to be admitted into the Concurrent MSW/MPP Degree Program submit their application through the UC Berkeley Graduate Admissions Online Application by submitting a single Concurrent MSW/MPP application.


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