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Christina Feliciana

Field Consultant and Lecturer

CHRISTINA FELICIANA is a field consultant and lecturer at the School of Social Welfare.

For more than a decade, Feliciana has served as a social worker in school- and community-based settings in Alameda and San Francisco counties, specializing in the delivery of wraparound services for foster youth and emancipating foster youth. She has coordinated the Foster Youth Services Program in the Mt. Diablo Unified School District and supported students as a school social worker. Feliciana won the National Heart of Social Work Award from the Council of Social Work Education in 2006 for excellence in Field Instruction.

Photo credit: Lara Sidhu



  • Foundations of Social Work Practice (SSW 241)
  • Direct Practice in Child and Family Settings (SW 243)
  • Social Work Practice in School Settings (SSW 250T)