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Student Life

Student Life at Berkeley Social Welfare

The Berkeley Social Welfare graduate program is an international leader in producing the next generation of social work practitioners and scholars.  With a strong commitment to the publicly supported social services, it prepares professionals for a wide range of social work careers and educates doctoral students for careers in teaching, research and policy analysis. 

The Graduate Student Services Office provides holistic academic and career advising  for current students. Please email to schedule an appointment:

Joshua Dullaghan
Graduate Advisor for Admissions, Academic Advancement and Student Funding


Student Support Services

Disabled Students Program (DSP)
The Disabled Students’ Program (DSP) offers a wide range of services for graduate students with disabilities, including federal and state legally mandated services and accommodations for eligible students with verified disabilities, non-mandated services and exam proctoring services for faculty. Services for students are individually designed and based on the specific needs of each student as identified by DSP Disability Specialists.  

DSP students who need academic accommodations must have Letters of Accommodation on file. The purpose of an academic accommodation is to offer the graduate student an equal opportunity to meet the department’s academic standards and requirements. To request accommodations, arrange for an individual assessment with your DSP Specialist. 

Gender Equity Resource Center
The Gender Equity Resource Center (GenEq) is a UC Berkeley campus community center committed to fostering an inclusive Cal experience for all. GenEq is the campus location where students, faculty, staff and alumni connect for resources, services, education and leadership programs related to gender and sexuality. The programs and services of the Gender Equity Resource Center are focused into four key areas: Women; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT); Sexual & Dating Violence; and Hate Crimes & Bias Driven Incidents.

Health Services (Tang Center)
University Health Services provides comprehensive medical, mental health and health promotion services to all Cal students. Students can use the medical services just as they would their regular doctor's office and urgent care center. The facility is fully accredited, staffed by board-certified physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, a nutritionist and nurses. A comprehensive counseling center, staffed by psychiatrists, psychologists and licensed therapists, offers individual and group counseling and includes a complete career counseling center. The health promotion unit offers programs and services for keeping students healthy and safe, including many opportunities for students to get involved in shaping the public health of the campus.

Graduate Division Academic Services
The Graduate Division Academic Services Unit assists graduate students in the development of academic skills necessary of their graduate programs such as academic writing, grant writing, dissertation writing, editing and preparing articles for publication. This unit offers workshops, writing groups or individual consultations on these topics for graduate students. For a list and description of services offered, please see the Academic Services bulletin

Graduate Student Parent Resources Families Matter: A Guide for Graduate Student Parents [PDF] 

Child Care: University Early Childhood Education Program
The University Early Childhood Education Program serves registered Berkeley student parents with children from three months to seven years old. Priority is given to families with children currently enrolled in the program and then to low-income families with child care need (generally, parents must be in school full time or working).  Student families eligible for subsidy pay fees on a sliding scale, based on family income and family size. Some full-fee spaces are also available. Parents are asked to participate at the child care centers one to two hours per week. Spaces are limited.  Applications are accepted year-round, but admissions process begins mid-May for the fall semester and mid-November for spring semester.

Student Family Housing
Student Family Housing is available to married students and students with a domestic partner, with or without children, and to single student parents. 

Berkeley Parents Network
Extensive web-based resource containing thousands of pages of recommendations and advice contributed by members of the Berkeley Parents Network, a parent-to-parent email network for the community of parents in the San Francisco Bay Area, including Berkeley student parents.

Ombuds Office for Students and Postdoctoral Appointees
The Ombuds Office for Students and Postdoctoral Appointees provides informal and impartial conflict resolution services. The Ombudsperson operates as a designated neutral and independent agent of justice in University-related matters, including academic as well as administrative concerns. All matters referred to this office are held in strict confidence. The only exception, at the sole discretion of the Ombudsperson, are cases where there appears to be imminent threat of serious harm. Contact the Ombuds Office at (510) 642-5754.