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Julian Chun-chung Chow


JULIAN CHOW is professor at the School of Social Welfare.

A leading thinker in community practice, service delivery and urban poverty, Dr. Chow’s current research interests include community practice and service delivery in urban poverty, ethnic and immigrant neighborhoods; community analysis and needs assessment; program planning and development; and cultural competency services.

In 2011, Dr. Chow received a Fulbright Scholarship to teach at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, where he studied the development of social service systems and infrastructure in China and also conducted research as part of a larger comparative study looking at how recent Chinese immigrants fare in Hong Kong, Taiwan and the San Francisco Bay Area.


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Chow, J. (2013). Social policy and poverty alleviation programs: Implications for Asian countries. In Zhao, Y., Huang, C-C., Zhao. R., & Edwards, R. L. (Eds.), The Comparative Study of Social Work Education in China and the United States (pp.133-144). Beijing, China: Social Sciences Academic Press. (in Chinese)

Chow, J., & Peng, C. (2013). Community-needs assessment. In E. Mullen (Ed.), Oxford Bibliographies in Social Work. NY: Oxford University Press.

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